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When you began you business did you have a clear layout of what you wanted your brand to look like and be?  When you created your logo did you DIY or paid someone to try and capture your vision? Did you understand true branding or did you go off your favorite colors? If this resonated with you, it's okay! Let Kandi & Co. Productions fix you up. Here at Kandi & Co. Productions we specialize in branding. Branding is your face card on how you want your business to be remembered. 


Have you been looking for high quality marketing material? Are you tired of DIY content that isn't capturing your vision or your audience attention? You're at the right place. Here at Kandi & Co. Productions, LLC we provide eye-catching, appealing, and game changing marketing material. Don't ever be afraid to not promote your business, when Kandi & Co. Productions, LLC is here to help you set the bar in your brand industry. Check out our portfolio below.


Are you an entrepreneur that sales product? Do you want to capture your targeted audience? Do you want to stand out?  Do you want to make a lasting impression on your customers? If so, Kandi & Co. Productions provide high quality designs for all clients ad their customers. We believe that a lasting impression is permanent and want to create labels and designs for your packages from shopping bags to hangtags. Let's work.

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