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Are you a new entereprenuer or a current entreprenuer looking to create a look that's eye-appealing and the foundation of your brand. This service comes with the following: 

  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire 
  • 1:1 Strategy Call
  • Creative Direction Moldboard 
  • x 3 Distinctive Logo Concepts 
  • Primary Logo Design 
  • Simplified Logo (Emblem or Typographic) 
  • Monochrome Logo ( Black/White)
  • Brand Dossier Brand
  • Color Palette
  • Brand Fonts 
  • Pattern Design and Brand Icons 
  • Brand Imagery Inspiration 
  • x 3 Social Media Templates


Important Note: We DO NOT design logos using cartoons and/or glitter. 

Branding Identity Package

  • Work does not begin without a contractual agreement signed by the client and designer. Without the contract agreement being signed, it delays the completion of your service. Contractual agreements will be sent out immediately. If the contractual agreement isn’t signed within twenty-four (24) hours, you will receive a notification regarding order cancellation and all monies paid towards the service WILL NOT be refunded. All payments are forfeited and if you would like to work with the designer again, you will have to submit a new payment for the service.

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