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There are many businesses in this competitive field, but we thank you for choosing Kandi & Co. Productions, LLC. We appreciate our clients for trusting us to make their vision a reality. We appreciate you for referring us to your business associates, friends and family members. We value your referral. Word of mouth goes a long way.

As a token of appreciation, we want to reward you for your referral with a commission. There is not a set limit on how many referrals you can give. We reward based off each new client. 


To begin, please review our portfolio to learn our design style. Review our quality of work. If you like what you see and feel confident to recommend our services, please proceed to the next step. 


If someone that you know is looking for services that we offer and you believe that they will be a good fit, please refer them to us by tagging us and sharing our direct website.


Once you have referred a potential new client, please complete our referral form. Feeling out this form will help pair you to new client. Please complete form accurately and promptly.


Once the referred client has booked our services, we will provide you with reward points for various of services and 15% off your next service.


Congratulations! Have you been referred or are you referring someone? If so, thank you for considering us. Please complete the form below. 

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