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 "When it comes to social media marketing, you don’t have to post 3 times a day. It’s never about how often you post but the quality of your content." - Janet Benson Amarhavwie



Social media management is the process of analyzing social media audiences and developing a strategy that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing content for social media profiles, monitoring online conversations, collaborating with influencers, providing community service, and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on social media performance and ROI.


Have you been considering hiring a social media manager, but haven't found the right company to handle your brand? Here at Kandi & Co. Productions, LLC we offer the following to our clients: 

We create a custom social media strategy for our clients. No longer will you post content 1-3 times a day with no substance or power behind it. Give your clients an experience that allows them the opportunity to connect with your brand.

We save you time. How many engagements have you attended and forgotten about your social media? Now, you don't have to do it alone. As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats. We have to answer the phone, respond to emails, attend meetings, network, and more. You don't have the LUXURY TO SIT on social media. We work behind the scenes to build content strictly for your brand, including scheduling posts for you. Never miss a moment again to promote your brand.

We have a faster response time for your customers/clients. Here at Kandi & Co. Productions, LLC we monitor all social media sites responding to comments, messages, and reactions, leaving no questions unanswered when concerning your brand and making the purchase. 

We help build engaged followers. We provide content that is meant to capture your targeted audience to get them to respond. When they respond, we build a relationship of trust to close the sale.