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Kadijah "Kandi" Oliver is a native of Ozark, Alabama. She is a self-taught freelance graphic designer, web designer, and photographer. She also specializes in marketing, social media management, and coaching. 

Kadijah graduated from the University of South Alabama. She received a Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Sciences with a major in Healthcare Management. 


She always envisioned being her own self-made boss at a young age. Kadijah's passion for graphic design, website design, and photography started as a form of self-care. She started off creating flyers, logo designs, and professional websites. In January 2019, her vision of becoming a photographer was birthed.

In 2017, Kadijah birthed Kandi & Co. Productions. Kadijah turned a dream, into a vision, and the vision into a REALITY! She began working with churches, non-profit organizations, well-known public figures, and more.

In 2019, Kadijah birthed Kandi Kam Photography. She specializes in portraits, weddings, engagements, real estate/commercial properties, and more. She desires to freeze moments in time for her clients to memorize. 

Not only does Kadijah uses her platform to promote her business, but Kadijah is also known for mentoring. She mentors both youth and adults. Kadijah uses her platform to teach young millennials how to become their own boss. She teaches them that they can write their future and do not have to live in the past. Through mentoring, she has helped numerous millennials overcome being a statistic. She mentors them in college prep, overcoming peer pressure, and life issues. For adults, she mentors them in life, business and spirituality. 

She has become a trailblazer of her generation, which she doesn't take for granted. She uses each opportunity to be a blessing to others. Kadijah claims the title of "OVERCOMER," because she has beat many odds in her life! She's now sharing her survival story through her work. While sharing her story, she empowers others to share theirs.  


  • Featured on 304+ News Stations

  • Obtained $25k First Year In Business

  • Hosting a yearly community event centered around helping youths who are less fortunate obtain prom dresses and suits, photoshoots, and more. 

  • Helping 10+ New Entrepreneurs start their own business


Here at Kandi & Co. Productions, LLC , we believe in providing high quality branding material, mentorship, and support to all clients that we have the opportunity to service.


Our vision is to make our client superior in their business fields through designs that set the bar for others, forcing them to get on our clients level in marketing and branding.


A brand with flavor, what's yours? 

Every brand needs its own uniqueness and style. For a brand to resemble another, defeats the purpose of authenticity. We want to make your brand authentically yours with its own style and voice.


Watch Now

Do you have an upcoming event or project that you want Kadijah to speak at? If so, click the link below to connect with Kadijah. Please complete the form to request Kadijah for an upcoming event. 


What We Live By

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. you anoint my head with oil; my cup OVERFLOWS.
- Psalms 23:5


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