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Kandi & Co. Productions is having a 30-day Name Your Price Sale! 


Do you want to know how it works? Let us tell you!


Step 1: Visit our Name Your Price page via the our website. 


Step 2: Complete the form for the product/service you desire. 


Step 3: We will either approve your price or decline your price via email. If your price is not approved, you may bid again for the desired product. If your offer is accepted, an invoice will be sent and we will be in contact for all of your information.




  • There will not be any rush orders

  • The turnaround time listed on the website will still be in place. 

  • You can not bid on multiple products, you can only choose 1. 

  • All invoices and contracts must be paid and sign within 24 hours of approval.

  • ALL INFORMATION for the desired service must be sent in within 72 hours of approval. 


We look forward to working with you! Feel free to reach out at and subscribe!

June 1-30, 2021

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